Payment Management Services

General Credit Services Inc (General CSI) provides a comprehensive Payment Management Service (PMS) for small to large enterprises exclusivley through our parent company, General Billing Solutions Inc.

Acting as an agent for both the Payee and the Payor, we collect, aggregate, and remit all types of customer payments including cash, cheques, most major credit cards, and pre-authorized bank debits. Customers may make their payments in Canadian or U.S. funds, by telephone, mail, internet or by walking in to our branch or affiliate offices coast-to-coast.

By using PMS, our clients give their customers the convenience of multiple payment options and the benefit of extended customer service through our network of call centers without having to pass on additional costs. If you have ten customers, or ten million - General CSI can provide a cost-effective PMS solution that meets your needs.

Payment Management Services are flexible to meet your specific business needs.


We are forged on quality and value, and maintain "Service Excellence" standards for each of our clients - Call us today to learn more...:

Phone: 604-688-6097

Toll Free: 1-877-588-4274

Fax: 604-688-6017

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