Out-Sourced Customer Care

Extend your hours, and increase customer satisfaction and retention using General CSI's out-sourced customer care solutions.

Through our own call centers and a network of affiliate offices, we have customer care managers trained in technical support, billing, payments, and a number of critical service backgrounds. Our multi-lingual managers can provide customer service in practically any language, and if our extended hours aren't enough we can upgrade emergency call availablity to 24X7 for your customer base.

General CSI provides complete reporting packages so that you can see what issues your customers care about.

Our customer care managers are specially trained to help you develop and maintain your customer relationship...


We are forged on quality and value, and maintain "Service Excellence" standards for each of our clients - Call us today to learn more...:

Phone: 604-688-6097

Toll Free: 1-877-588-4274

Fax: 604-688-6017

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