Our Heritage

General Credit Services Inc (General CSI) was formed as a strategic alliance between ARB, a specialized third-party collection agency and General Billing Solutions Inc, a billing and payment management provider. With complete financial support from KEI Investments, our venture partners, General CSI was launched in 2002 to support national and international accounts receivable management initiatives for a number of our exisiting clients.

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Today, General CSI is a debt-free company with hundreds of clients, managing tens of thousands of customer accounts at all stages of the revenue cycle. From early-out and pre-collect to third-party collection and legal, General CSI handles over 50 million dollars each day in receivables.


We are forged on quality and value, and maintain "Service Excellence" standards for each of our clients - Call us today to learn more...:

Phone: 604-688-6097

Toll Free: 1-877-588-4274

Fax: 604-688-6017

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