Management & Staff

To deliver outstanding performance results, General CSI’s management team provides you with a partner agency whose senior management team is well known and respected within the third-party collection industry. Collectively, Our senior management team has over 150 years experience in A/R Management, working with Government, public and private sectors, large and small businesses.



We work in a people-centric business and understand that our most valuable asset is the extensive knowledge-base of our staff. Professional, dynamic and experienced, our employees, from every department, are up for every challenge. Our Account Management team is comprised of the most experienced and educated staff available… Service and Results are our top priorities and we are proud to provide multi-lingual service to our clients. We treat our employees with respect and offer them an attractive compensation plan, including a competitive base salary, a one-of-a-kind bonus structure and a family-oriented benefits package.


We are forged on quality and value, and maintain "Service Excellence" standards for each of our clients - Call us today to learn more...:

Phone: 604-688-6097

Toll Free: 1-877-588-4274

Fax: 604-688-6017

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